If you are streaming to UStream, LiveStream or YouTube Live and need bandwidth at your event that is reliable, dedicated and cost-efficient, TodoCast Connect is your solution. TodoCast Connect is the first portable, affordable IP satellite solution designed to bring broadcast quality live digital video to your site.

For customers needing multimedia broadcasting, IP backhaul continuous content distribution, and/or voice and data services supported by a robust high-quality business continuity environment. No matter if it is a scheduled event or last-minute booking, whether a client wants to cover a corporate, political, religious or sports event, TodoCast Connect has the optimal solution.

TodoCast Connect is the first portable satellite system designed to bring broadcast quality digital video live to the Internet.

  • Live Video IP Uplink via Satellite
  • Full US coverage
  • Dedicated Bandwidth up to 1080P
  • Portable with 5-minute setup
  • SD for as low as $500 for 24 hrs
  • HD for as low as $2000 for 24 hrs
  • Systems for $24K or $800/mo

Professional production companies can shoot and broadcast events anytime, from anywhere, using our patented satellite technology. The possibilities are as endless as the earning potential with TodoCast's portable satellite and digital video solutions. When needed, antennas are equipped with auto-tracking systems in multiple configurations including portable "fly and drive" or cased solutions.

Backed by in-depth technical knowledge and experience, sophisticated network management and 24/7/365 network support and performance monitoring.

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